Salon Ailae : Maurice parmi les membres du jury


04 Dec 2015


AILAE, le plus grand Salon des métiers de la bouche et de l’Hôtellerie à Madagascar, a ouvert ses portes le jeudi 03 décembre 2015, au Parc des Expositions Forello Tanjombato, pour ne s’achever que le dimanche 06 décembre prochain. Durant ces quatre jours, la haute gastronomie sera au rendez-vous.



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Mauritius participating in the Global Chefs Challenge 2015


04 Dec 2015


The Global Chefs Challenge semi final, Africa/Middle East region, will be held in Abu Dhabi on the 07th and 08th of December 2015.

Competitors: Egypt, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi

The winners of this challenge will participate in the final Global Chefs Challenge in Athens in 2016.


Chef Mooroogun COOPEN Chef Arvin Kumar BISSESSUR

Chef Mooroogun Coopen

Representing Mauritius as Culinary Judge

Chef Arvin Kumar Bissessur

Representing Mauritius as Culinary Competitor




CNN International TV was in Mauritius
for an authentic Mauritian culinary journey


The CNN International TV, based in London, visited Mauritius in the beginning of June 2015 to film a show called ‘African Voices’ which highlighted and showcased our Mauritian cuisine.
Chef Arvin Bissessur, sous chef at Le Canonnier Hotel, assisted by Chef Dischan Mungur, Chef-de-parti at Le Canonnier Hotel, embarked them in a culinary voyage and made them explore, experience and film our unique gastronomy, from gourmet dishes at hotel restaurants to insight visits in food production industries and multicultural food scenes at Port-Louis Central Market, the heart of our local life and traditions.
Chef Arvin Bissessur gathered all the ingredients for CNN International TV crew to capture the essence of our gastronomy and make their 280 million viewers around the world experience a culinary getaway in Mauritius.
CNN: ‘African Voices’ Cooking up a taste of paradise

Chef Arvin Bissessur will also represent Mauritius in the International competition Global Chefs Challenge 2015/2016 organized by the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS). The semi finals for the African and Middle East regions will be held in Abu Dhabi on the 07th and 08th of December 2015.

Young Chefs Challenge 2015

Port Louis, Mauritius, June 2015


Beachcomber Le Cannonier Champion Hotel Team



  Rajcoomar Sarvanandsing
Team Member Catherine Mathieu
  Perrine Joshua Antoine
  Shivam Marooday
1st Place flagBeachcomber Le Cannonier Champion Hotel Team
2nd Place flagConstance Le Prince Maurice Hotel
3rd Place flagSofitel Imperial Hotel & Spa


Please see the link below for more information :

Gastronomie moléculaire – Nicolas Bré: « Le goût est un instant éphémère »
Written by Rajmeela Seetamonee, Defi Media, may 2015



L’effet dragon de Nicolas Bré…

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Iven Ratinapoullé wins the 2nd place


Good news from Monaco!

2ndplaceIven Ratinapoullé, student representing Ecole Hoteliere Sir Gaetan Duval at the culinary competition Grand Cordon D’or de Monaco on the 11th of march 2015 wins the 2nd place.
MCA congratulates the young chef for his great work. On this special occasion where we are celebrating our 47th independence day, we are just proud of our Mauritian chef.
Keep it up, young chef!